Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis the Season and All that Crap

Well, if you ask me, it's the most shittiest time of the year! Actually, miraculously, so far my holiday-induced depression has remained at bay. I am hoping it does snow today, though I would prefer for that to happen after 6, as I have some driving to do before then. This is a random post, not much to report except, OH YEAH:

Warren is taking me to Gay Paree for Hanukkah!

That's right, we are spending two weeks in France, starting very soon. We've got a week on the Mediterranean and a week in the City of Lights and I am peeing my pants in excited anticipation. I can't wait to get a Joie Meal at the Louvre for starters. And maybe a side of Freedom Fries.

Here are a couple of pics-- how relaxing it is to have a domestic partner with a surgically implanted camera in his hand. Below we have Hank Stuever and me at his recent book signing at BookPeople. And me and my little twin friends. And me receiving a surprise award at last night's Austinist holiday party. I also was the temporary owner of a super kickass hat. When it was my turn at White Elephant, I chose to steal the hat from its original recipient rather than open up a new gift. I later suffered karmic justice, as the hat was stolen from me. Goddammit! I want that hat back.

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Warren said...

And now you have that hat. Every time a bell rings, another of Spike's wishes is fulfilled.