Friday, June 4, 2010

I Can't Believe I Never Mentioned This Before

Well, okay, maybe I mentioned it to Big Red and Henry, but not anyone else. So, I think it's a little, uh, obvious, how much I enjoy taking pictures of the dogs, especially the (alleged) Bostons. It's one of those inside jokes with me that never ever ever gets tired. I take pictures of them and that makes me laugh. I look at the pictures and that makes me laugh. I mean, is there anything more fun than dog photography? I think not. And yet, in all these years and all these photos, I have barely spoken/written aloud one of my absolute favorite parts. I am utterly convinced that Rebound & Bubbles are dog incarnations of Simon & Garfunkel and most often, when I'm framing a shot, it's as if in preparation for cover art for their next CD. Then, today, in a very "Separated At Birth" moment, I decided to see how images of the Bostons actually do compare to images of the Sensitive Singer Songwriters. I'm thinking: pretty damn close. Et tu?


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Holly said...

Wow. It is amazing :)