Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip: Real de Catorce

Over at the Austinist I wrote about my trip last week to Real de Catorce, a little village in Mexico I've been visiting for many years. I LOVE it there. Warren (or, for this story, Juarren) took 80 million pictures as usual. Here are some of them. I don't know how we managed to not get pictures of the China Palms, these cacti that look like cheerleaders waving their pom-poms in a big welcome. I love those plants maybe more than any other-- they are so damn enthusiastic. At the top is a picture of me on the cobblestones in my Vibram Five Fingers. I LOVE MY VIBRAM FIVE FINGERS. Yes, the company sent me a pair to try out but I am not paid to endorse them, I just love them so much I feel like I have to keep spreading the word. I just bought a second pair and I plan to buy at least 50 more. Maybe they can hire me to be their ambassador. In Mexico I call them my Zappatos del Mono (monkey shoes). They were a hit there, and also in Argentina. My son remains mortified at my choice in footwear.

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patricia said...

great pics of Real! you are such a ham!!!