Monday, September 6, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

I think at least five out of the six of you know that I met my soulmate in 2002. Most nights, even during the heat of summer, we sleep curled around one another. Recently, when some sorry ass broke into my house, my soulmate was here and, along with her sidekicks, she saved the day and drove the intruder off. My Bubbles-- how I love her. Officially named Princess Bubbles (by my son, who overruled my suggestion that we name her Jesus since she wandered into our lives on a Holy Saturday), this dog is the most splendid creature that has ever sniffed butt.

In addition to her role as companion and sentry, she's also a dead ringer for Paul Simon. But one thing not everyone knows is that she is both an artist and a self-masseuse. Above we have a work of her art, which I like to call Chocolate Nipple on Chartreuse Breast. This mixed media piece includes a polyester circle rug from IKEA, black and white floor tiles (circa 1946) and some brown stuff the artist created using her own inner resources. Below you can see a photo of her examining and admiring her creation. And you can also watch a very short video of a routine she has developed for her daily walk. It ensures that even if I'm too busy to rub or scratch her back, she's going to get what she needs regardless. Clever girl!



Jim said...

AHAHhAHHahAHHA, is that what you were telling me about? That's awesome (although you're sooooo going to jail for that).....speaking of poop pictures....

Garreth Wilcock said...

Mush! Mush!