Friday, December 10, 2010

Are You Sitting Down? I Have CHEERFUL Christmas News.

This week for my Austinist blurt, I trotted out my latest semi-recycled rant about the stupidity of Christmas. I also noted that this year, as I am both stuck in the country and sick and tired of falling into a holiday depression-- which invariably hits when I am stuck in the country in December-- I am trying to re-approach the situation. So while I am far, far away from actually planning a celebration, I'm focusing on keeping things as upbeat as I can. As much as one can will away depression (and I realize this is not always possible because I happen to also have some brain chemistry depression issues) I am willing it away.

The universe has thus far been cooperating. Thank you universe. I've been so busy with work I haven't had time to wallow. I hit a couple of spectacular Hanukkah parties and I am totally down with Hanukkah since I do not have any familial or cultural baggage with Other People's Traditions. Plus, hello? Latkes. Yes. Yes. YES.

I was also delighted to note that, once again, the city (or somebody) has decorated the old air traffic control tower over at Mueller. Now, first of all, the fact that they didn't tear that thing down when they moved the airport is an excellent example of why I love Austin. There it is, the Eiffel Tower of Austin, as I like to think of it. I walk by it nearly every day and it cheers me up. In addition to cheering me up in general, it cheers me up because it reminds me of my friend, Hank Stuever, who is as in love with the thing as I am. As it happens, Hank wrote a really cool book about Christmas, called Tinsel, which I read last year in Paris, on Christmas, and which you should read, too. And it especially cheers me up when it's decorated not because I like the season (we've already covered that) but just because... well it's FUNNY. Isn't it?

So far, though, my favorite part of this month -- besides my son's birthday of course-- is that I quite accidentally found myself fulfilling a little girl's holiday wish. I got a note recently from a friend who mentioned her daughter was really wanting to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the NYC Rockettes at Bass Concert Hall. The tickets are a bit on the steep side so my friend was wondering if I might recommend an alternative holiday show, something produced locally and more within budget. I think maybe I suggested the Nutcracker and that, I thought, was that.

But then, yesterday, totally out of the blue, four unsolicited tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular fell into my lap. I hadn't (consciously or actively) asked for them. I hadn't even thought about asking for them. And yet, suddenly, a note arrived asking me if I wanted them. Thinking this couldn't possibly be true, or that I'd mixed up which show my friend's kid wanted to see, I checked with her . That was the show alright. And so, ta-da, the Grinch is actually sending a little girl, her mom, her grandmother, and another little girl to the show. I cannot take nor do I wish for any credit for this. I was just randomly in the right place at the right time. Isn't that swell?

If you'd like to go to the show-- well, I can't get you tickets. But if you click here, you can buy some tickets of your own. Warren and I were lucky enough to catch many musicals at Bass this past year and boy did we have fun. So go ahead, treat yourself.

And now, some pictures from my not-so-horrible-this-year holiday season to date:

[henry showing off the bitching fingerless gloves I made for him for his birthday. here he and rebound impersonate each other.]

[no shit, this is challah bread santa claus]

[warren humors my hanukkah fetish. that pie tin on the table with candles in it is my makeshift menorah]

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