Friday, December 31, 2010

Thus Concludes Another Work Year: Tomorrow We Begin Again

Earlier today, I finished out my work year for 2010-- a short, fun wedding rehearsal at Umlauf Sculpture Garden. Two nights ago I performed my last wedding of 2010. It was a small gathering at Old Pecan Street Cafe, very nice, very short. I met the couple because the groom was the son of the best friend of my ob/gyn's wife. Talk about networking. The good doc himself was in attendance and I managed to not say something like, "Isn't it nice to see me with my clothes on?"

See, I am getting more professional with every passing year.

Months ago, I made a vague promise to myself to work as little as possible in December. The universe had other plans and in the end, between writing (and rewriting and rewriting and REWRITING) a very long document for my day job, and performing weddings, and my writing coaching-- well let's just say I didn't not work in December. I pretty much worked seven days a week. That was a blessing for the most part. And while I could've done without revising the same document forty times, for the most part much of the work I did was a very pleasant distraction from what is my least favorite time of the year.

I especially love the weddings. I am now in my fifth year of performing weddings and it's one of the few jobs in my life that I haven't burnt out on. Is it ironic that I'm a twice-divorced woman who is opposed to marriage for myself? You know what I like to say: Those who can, do. Those who can't, preach.

Performing weddings is really fun because I get to put on nice clothes, everyone seems pretty happy to see me, I can stay and eat great food if I want, I get to feel very useful (my favorite feeling), it pays well and it doesn't take long.

The picture at the top, taken by the amazing Sara Bork Hamilton, is me at the scene of the my first December 2010 wedding-- that was a personal challenge. Could I, a Christmas hater, pull off being cheerful at a Christmas-themed wedding? Well what do you know-- I did. And it got the month off to a great start.

I've already got a ton booked for 2011-- the first is tomorrow: 1/1/11-- but I still have openings so if you're getting married or know someone who is, by all means give me a holler ( You can find details about my wedding services at my wedding website. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of just a few of the wedding cakes I saw this year-- I used to make wedding cakes and I can't say I'm sorry I put that behind me. But I have a great appreciation for the creativity that goes into these masterpieces. I'm also including pictures of my all-time favorite wedding cake-- that was a wedding several years ago but I'm including it here because well... you'll see why. How could I not?

my all time favorite wedding cake

not just any cake, but an anatomically correct cake

because i used to make wedding cakes, and because no one had a clue how to cut this one, the honors fell to me.

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