Sunday, December 5, 2010

Call for Nominees: 2011 Kick Ass Awards!

Hi Everyone,
So I took off 2010 from holding the Kick Ass Awards, but I'm bringing back KAA for 2011. As many of you know, this is an event I started years ago-- 2004 maybe? Maybe earlier. Doesn't matter. Point is, I like to honor folks who do great things behind the scenes and don't get recognition for their good deeds. We do a speech about each winner's excellence and present her/him with a trophy (pictured above). The event is, if I do say so for myself, always totally super ass-kicking fun. I'd tell you a list of past winners but honestly, I don't keep a list. I will say I've probably given out over a hundred of these by now.

The 2011 Kick Ass Awards will be held on January 9th (aka Spike's Birthday Eve) at BookPeople, co-sponsor of the event. I'm going to hit up the Austinist as a sponsor, too-- they helped out in 2009. And if anyone out there also wants to be a sponsor, just let me know-- I run this thing on a shoestring budget (usually under $500) so even small sponsor donations help.

MOST IMPORTANTLY-- I am seeking nominees for the upcoming awards. Do you know someone who Kicks Ass? Who is just all around spectacular? If so, please email me at asap. Let me know who your nominee is and why s/he kicks ass. Also let me know if you can likely get that person to the event (we like to surprise winners so you have to pretty much lie to get them there). And let me know if you'd be willing to give a three-minute speech about the ass-kicking nature of your nominee. Please, no more than two nominees per person. Also please DO NOT TELL YOUR NOMINEE. As much as I wish I could give a trophy to all nominees, I tried that at least one year and the event went on for about four hours. For 2011 I'll select 20 - 25 recipients.

As ever-- please please please help me get the word out. Let's take time to recognize all the quiet heroes out there.


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