Monday, November 14, 2011

My Gift to You This Holiday Season: The Companion of Your Dreams!

UPDATE: Based on feedback from the masses, we have made a slight adjustment to the "rules" (<-- a terrible word and concept, not to mention an accidental reference to that godawful bestselling dating book, but it's too early in the morning for me to come up with a better alternative.) Anyway, point is, that while we are most hoping to create an event where likeminded singles can meet each other sans the internet, sometimes it's good to have moral support. And sometimes your moral support might not happen to be single. SO... if you want to bring a friend tomorrow night it's not like we'll be kicking out folks who are already taken. But do be sure to RSVP. Info on that below.

Hey Y'all,
My friend Kathy Kehoe and I have been conspiring of late. The fruit of our labors is a brand new reading series designed to help single people get laid because:

Books + Sex = What Could Be Better Than That, Right? 

Below find some pertinent details. Please help us spread the word. The first reading is NEXT TUESDAY 11/22. You better sign up now.

Do you seethe with envy when you see couples bickering at holiday parties? Are you tired of arguing with yourself? Sure, sure, some people like being single and that’s their business. But then there’s the rest of us. The Rupert Holmes (look him up) Salon is for folks who don’t love being single, who do hate the whole online dating bullshit, and who want to meet like-minded singles for dating purposes. In short, IF YOU CAN READ **AND** YOU LIKE GETTING LAID... The Rupert Holmes Salon is for you. Our first Meeting & Reading is from 8 til 10 p.m on Tuesday, 11/22, at the SNUG (2928 Guadalupe), which is adjacent to Tom’s Tabooley. Cover is $5. We’ll have door prizes for folks who show their library cards. We’ll have dramatic readings of singles ads (bring one of your own and sign up to read). Come a little early and grab some excellent food and drink at Tom’s— you can bring the eats/drinks into the reading room with you. When you sign up, you also can join our private FB page, dedicated to joining together those of you who want someone to be irritated with at Christmas and Hanukkah parties, not to mention someone to share a chapped lip smooch with on New Year’s Eve. Space is limited to 50 people total. Reserve a spot today— email
*This event is for straight, gay, whatever... If you aren't single but have single friends who are constantly bitching about being single, feel free to send them info about the event.  

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