Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Asshole Will See You Now...

Super pumped! 
My new biz cards are here. Let me be clear that this post is in no way sponsored by Moo Cards, though if they ever want to put me on salary by all means, I'm open to the idea. I probably order from Moo five, six, seven times a year. I LOVE how much fun you can have with such a small amount of money. They have super designs but you can also design-your-own. I've gone both routes and have been super duper happy every time. 

I believe some of the six of you knew that, for my latest Moo Fun, I was ordering cards that noted that I am not afraid to be an asshole, nor have I been afraid to be an asshole since 1964. And while I offered a sneak peek of the backside of these cards over at FB, I have waited until today for the Big Reveal of the front. As you can see in the image at the top, I picked multiple fronts. Another thing I love about Moo-- you can upload a bunch of different pics for your cards and they don't charge you extra. Yay Moo!

In other news, I also got those bumper stickers in with the Norman Lear quote. He was asked If you could put one bumper sticker on everyone's car, what would it be? Here's the answer:

If you want a bumper sticker and business card, shoot me a note at You can hit me with $10 on the evil, evil paypal or stuff an old filthy ten-spot in a recycled envelope and mail it to me. The $10 covers postage and handling and by handling I mean that, yes, if you ask nicely, I will have Rebound fart on and/or lick your envelope prior to mailing. 


Susan K. Morrow said...

Thank you for the heads-up on Moo! I'd like to give you an alternative to the evil, evil PayPal. They rock. Good luck!

Susan K. Morrow said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Moo. In return for the kindness, I'd like to suggest an alternative to the evil, evil PayPal: They rock.

Janice said...

I love Moo, too. Last summer I made 100 cards with about 25 different photos and used the little 1/2 size cards. All the photos were ancestors and the front had my info to give to relatives at my family reunion. They were a huge hit. I may order some new ones like yours for this year's reunion! ha. First I need more practice.