Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Planned a Perfect Thursday for You (You're Welcome)

DAMN I know a lot of talented people. Just another something I love, love, love about Austin, TX-- well somethings: that there are so many amazing creative folks here and also that there is so much support for the creative life. Tonight four of my friends have a total of three events happening and if you plan your evening just right you can actually hit all of them. If that feels too ambitious for a school night, then I encourage you to get to at least one or two. Here, in chronological order, is how your evening should unfold:

7 PM: Alyssa Harad at BookPeople reading from her brand spanking new book Coming to My Senses which is, on the one level, about developing a perfume habit and becoming a bride but which, on another level is really mostly about what happens when one finds oneself living a life that is half wild passion and half tentative baby steps. I, personally, can't stand perfume and will never marry again and I LOVE THIS BOOK. See? That's how freaking good it is. It's for anyone who ever lived or breathed. Trust me. And this event is going to be packed and boisterous and very much The Place to Be tonight.

8:30 PM: Hustle on over to the Cactus Cafe to catch Southpaw Jones and Brian Kremer play what promises to be an amazing evening of finely crafted songs and stunning string work. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish these fellas were polygamists so you could marry them on the spot. Southpaw doesn't play out as often as he used to so this is a rare opportunity to catch the man in the velvety velvety velvety velvety red Cactus. And Brian-- well he doesn't play out enough either, so this is some super rare occasion like all the planets lining up and unicorns raining from the sky or something.

9:30 PM til 1 AM: Paul Klemperer's Birthday Bash at the Elephant Room. Paul is an old friend of mine and he's about to get a little bit older. We'll ring in his personal new year until the wee hours. The Elephant is another one of Austin's truly smashing venues, tucked bunker style beneath Congress Ave, all comfy cozy jazzy and waiting for you. Paul's masterful sax-i-ness accompanied by musician friends of all stripes promises an evening of wall-to-wall wonderfulness.

One last thought-- start your faux-sniffling and coughing at work today so you can call in "sick" tomorrow. This is one of those nights worth staying out past bedtime.

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