Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Workshop Coming in September

I'm finally launching a workshop series in response to the ongoing questions I get about how I manage to do what I do. That sounds vague, right? But it refers to the fact that I don't work a desk monkey job, I don't answer to a boss, I do make a decent living, and I do get plenty of time off. It also refers-- and I think this is more important-- to the fact that, after many years of not being happy, or of having inconsistent happiness marbled with big fatty bouts of depression and uncertainty, these days things are, relatively speaking, exotically calm and pretty darn cheerful most of the time. 

You could chalk some of this up to luck-- I certainly do. But I also have put in some hard work, made some exquisite mistakes, metaphorically and repeatedly banged my knees and stubbed my toes on furniture in the dark, and through all of these methods and more (sometimes known as my patented Error & Error technique) I've acquired knowledge, connections and-- uh, could we maybe say wisdom? Wisdom's a rather big word for it. Let's say, rather, that I collected some great ideas along the way.

So now it's time to share. You can get all the details over at my Spike Your Energy website. I'm happy to say I've had great turnout for my writing workshops, to the point of turning folks away. So if you want to be part of this new series, please let me know asap, before it fills up. You can email me at 


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