Friday, November 9, 2012

Excusez-moi! Do You Know Where to Get Spike's New Book?

Trois Quebecois Debate Just How Much to Kick In
Even the Canadians want in on the action with my KickStarter campaign. Not a huge surprise, really, considering that they have excellent taste. But also, the border of Canada (well, close to the border) figures prominently into this tale. Actually, you might be wondering, "Mon Dieu! What is this book about anyway?!"

Great question. And before I answer it, let me say I am surprised and delighted that so many of you, displaying wonderful faith in me, pledged to help publish the book only having the vaguest notion about its contents. That was super awesome of you. 

Now, Austin's most amazing designer has stepped up to design the cover. That means I had to actually attempt to synopsize the story for book jacket text. Not sure if the following is my final answer, but it's a start. So, spoiler alert, don't read any further if you want to be totally surprised. On the other hand, if you have friends who might want to pledge (in essence, pre-order a copy) but they don't want to open their virtual wallets unless they know what they're getting into, well now you can tell them. 

So, one more time, before the jacket blurb-- THANK YOU to all of you who have kicked in. And to those of you who've not yet gotten on board but wish to, you can GO RIGHT HERE AND PLEDGE.

So grateful, y'all! Merci beaucoup!

In late September, 2011, Spike and her partner set out on what was supposed to be a simple Texas-to-Maine excursion. Instead, thanks to myriad factors beyond their control, the trip turns into an adventure that resembles a cross between Gilligan’s Island and a reality show where pairs of travelers race the clock and each other to reach their destination, getting increasingly frantic as they go. Adding to the high jinks of this journey are gender, cultural, and attitude differences between Spike and Warren, which at some turns provide pant-peeing hilarity, and in other moments foster mutual homicidal fantasies. In other words: two people stuck together 24-7, informally and unintentionally out to prove the theory that everyone needs alone time sometimes.

Culminating in a rush of events including a moose spotting, a full bladder, an empty wallet, and an escalating argument at the Canadian border, The Maine Event provides a funny/painful/brutally honest glimpse into the love-filled self-chosen insanity also known as “being in a relationship.” All this, set to a backdrop that includes late night parking lots under eerie golden arches, long stretches of back roads accented with that riot of color called New England Fall, and all around Monhegan Island, a stunning little speck of land an hour off the coast of Maine, a magic oasis punctuated with Fairy Houses, sparkling with sea glass, enrobed in breathtaking cliffs, and peopled by an entertaining cast laconic local lobsterfolk and chatty sea-loving travelers.

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