Monday, June 20, 2011

OGD Garden Update: Still Seeking a Few More Item Donations

We have captured a live gnome to be part of the Healing Garden!

Hey Y'all,
A couple of weeks ago I posted a note about the revival of the Office of Good Deeds. Our first big project is to transform the backyard of a family whose two-year-old daughter is undergoing chemo right now. Her delicate health means no more trips to the park for the foreseeable future, so we're bringing the park to her. Zach of YardFarm Austin is overseeing the project, and as I type this he's getting ready to pour the foundation for a little screened in porch. This weekend, many people have volunteered to do the heavy lifting, moving and planting. We have had so many donations-- goods, services and cash-- that are making this project possible. THANKS to all of you who are kicking in.

We still are seeking a few things to help us make this happen just the way Zach envisions it. Below is a revised list of stuff we're looking for, as well as stuff we've received (so you can see how helpful everyone has been). If you have any of these not-yet-acquired items and can donate, please email me at -- thanks!

  • MUD PIE KITCHEN ITEMS-- If you go here you'll see information on a mud pie kitchen. I'm also posting a picture below. We are seeking a low to the ground table and some old, sturdy (non-teflon) cooking items-- food molds, pots, whisks, etc. Maybe you have a table or a box of kitchen stuff you were going to drop off at the thrift store? We'd LOVE to take them off your hands. 

  • MUSIC TABLE ITEMS-- We'd like a second low to the ground table and some suitable-for-banging-on pots, pans and plastic containers, maybe a cow bell-- stuff that the girls can make music with and, of course, nice sturdy wooden spoons to serve as drumsticks. 
  • LATTICE to create a sort of privacy fence.
  • LUMBER-- this is our biggest cash expense. If you have good lumber leftover from a project, or some Home Depot gift cards you're willing to part with, that'd be awesome.
  • Wooden picnic table with attached benches PICNIC TABLE DONATED!
  • Swing set or small climbing structure (remember the girls are very little so I'm thinking small) (small climbing structure donated!)
  • Hummingbird feeders GOT ONE DONATED!
  • Sandbox with a cover   GOT ONE DONATED!
  • Screening & Lumber (Zach is going to build a little screened in area -- he's still working on design so I don't have specs for screening yet) (SCREENING DONATED!)
  • Human volunteers (I might have enough folks signed up but would like a backup list. Build dates are June 25th and 26th-- we'll be working in shifts so even a two-hour time donation is great.) VOLUNTEERS ACQUIRED!
  • Art Easel  GOT ONE DONATED!

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