Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

I was just going to post the tiniest little video highlighting Reason #37,694,227 I Love Austin: Dog Drinking Fountains but then I got a little carried away.

See, a couple of months ago, I decided to try experimenting with video blogging. Now that I upgraded to the iPhone G95-- which does everything except wipe my ass for me (or maybe I just missed it-- is there an app for that?)-- it's way easier to make videos. When Hen was a baby I bought this $900 monster vid-cam from Dillards-- it took full-sized VHS tapes, weighed 5,060 pounds and had no editing capacity that I was aware of. Now I can record footage with four dogs yanking me around.

I started to teach myself iMovie. Then I took a rather lame class at the Apple Store. Then I went back to learning on my own. So tonight, when I set myself to the task of just tossing a twenty second video of doggie drinking fountains into the program, I started looking at all the other footage I have of the dogs. And the still shots. And, as noted: carried away.

Look, this video isn't going to win any prizes, but it's a start. Check it out:

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