Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Do You Get When You Cross Martin Burke, Meredith McCall and a Toilet?

You get magic, people, that's what you get. I am so pumped. My friend Kathy just wrote to inform me that the two people I most hope to marry one day (not to each other, to MYSELF) are part of an upcoming play called Down the Drain. In case you missed my earlier marriage proposal, the two I speak of are Martin Burke and Meredith McCall. In a town crawling with theatrical geniuses, these two are the tops, they're the coliseum! Their performance in last year's The Drowsy Chaperone was so brilliantly hilarious that audience members were warned to show up sporting Depends. Their performance in the Santaland Diaries made me almost like Christmas.

The new project, put on by local theatre company Imagine That Productions, is written by A. John Boulanger. It's going to be put on at Hyde Park Theatre, the best little theater in Austin. And to put it in Kathy's words, "It's a romantic comedy that involves Martin Burke, Meredith McCall and a toilet (oh the possibilities.)" Oh the possibilities indeed!

Catch is, they still need to raise some funds. They've got a Kickstarter going and are hoping to score $2945 within the next 22 days. Please won't you help? I certainly will! And if you do help, you can come to our wedding-- I can't wait to enter into America's first three-way thespian marriage! I'm guessing Dave Steakley will let us host the reception over at Zach-- you will, Dave, won't you?

Once again that Kickstarter link is right here. Please kick in a few bucks, eh?


Jamie Lee Awesome said...

You're the louvre museum!

Martin said...

You, lady, couldn't get anymore awesome! Love you and can't wait to get hitched!