Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Super quick post to let you know-- in case you haven't heard-- that Fusebox Festival kicks off TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 25th, with Invasion of the New Grrl Order!

You can get the FULL SKINNY ON FUSEBOX right here! I'm going to be taking part as I open up my home on May 5th and 6th as part of the Fusebox Writers' Room Home Studio Tour. More details on that real soon. 

Meanwhile, there artists descending on our fine city from around the world to offer up their best non-traditional theatre offerings. No shortage of events for you to catch. Here is a short list of super recommended shows-- these will sell out so you need to reserve seats and get your tickets NOW.

Phil Soltanoff: An Evening with William Shatner Asterisk (FUSEBOX WORLD PREMIER) William Shatner’s image from the original Star Trek series speaks on the subject of art in the 21st Century and then proceeds to take questions from a live audience. Phil Soltanoff (director), Rob Ramirez (systems designer), and Joe Diebes (writer) have created a dynamic, video Shatner puppet by meticulously cataloguing everything William Shatner ever said on Star Trek.  Together, the artists attempt to bravely make Captain James T. Kirk expand our universe.
Gob Squad: Super Night Shot (U.K. & Germany)
Precisely one hour before you arrive, Super Night Shot begins. In a military-style brief, Gob Squad declares a “War on Anonymity” and takes to Austin streets armed with video cameras– embarking on a set of comic and surreal adventures that celebrate unexpected encounters with strangers. You give them a rousing hero’s welcome as they return to the theatre and the footage of the fantastical mission is mixed live into a four-channel, wide screen film. 

Wunderbaum: Songs at the End of the World (The Netherlands) Explosively inventive Dutch theater ensemble Wunderbaum merges with rock trio Touki Delphine to create a theatrical superband in this fantastical concert event inspired in part by Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World. Six performers present a song-cycle based on their childhood dreams and hopes with humorous and touching lyrics, performed in English.

Joan Jonas: The Shape, The Scent, The Feel of Things (New York) Seminal video and performance artist – Jonas presents her cutting edge multi-media performance. Featuring music by the acclaimed Jason Moran, this collaborative work evokes the American Southwest through an artistic consideration of the Hopi snake dance, a ritual that affected Jonas during visits to Arizona in the 1960s. Presented in partnership with Texas Performing Arts and the University of Texas Art History Department.

Fusebox Festival HubThe Hub is the central gathering place for the festival, hosting free programming during the day and ticketed events at night. The space, to be at 1100 E. 5th (the old TOPS warehouse), will be active 7 days a week for as many as 20 hours a day. The Hub will house an installation curated by Sterling Allen and Katie Geha (in partnership with Art Alliance Austin), artist chats, panel discussions, an information desk, beer garden and café/bar. The Hub will be the official Late Night Venue for the festival, presenting live music from all over the country.

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