Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warren's Egg-Cellent Adventure

Yesterday I did a wedding out in Drippin' and in addition to being paid in good old-fashioned cash, I was tipped in... wait for it... goose eggs. Really. Do you have any idea how effing HUGE goose eggs are? They're like mini ostrich eggs.

I was in awe and also immediately inspired as an excellent prank idea occurred to me. I went home and sneaked the ginormous eggs into the laying boxes of my rocking Mobile Chicken Coop henhouse. Then, when Warren arrived, I did my best I-am-so-exhausted face, explained that while I'd remembered to lock the coop for the night, I'd totally forgotten to gather the eggs and oh, pretty please, would he?

Well, I'm crap at keeping a straight face so when he came in, weighed down with huevos mambos and asked what the hell was up, I confess I lost it and laughed my batonkis off. Which is really too bad since another friend had promised me, if I could pull the prank off, he would show up today with some tiny little quail eggs for me to plant, and further confuse Warren.

I shall work on my poker face for future prank purposes. Meanwhile, some pics of the goose eggs.

actually this is a chicken egg, for scale.

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