Monday, April 30, 2012

Star Whores... Nothing But Star Whores...

So, save for the Dick Monologues, which isn't even monthly anymore, I don't give readings like I did in the old days, back when I was young and super hyper and, well, okay, drunk much of the time. But this week I have three, count 'em THREE happenings that are happening. Perhaps you'd like to join me?

The first is PechaKucha #14. If you don't know what PechaKucha is, let me tell you -- it is a total hoot. Ten people from different walks get up and each shows ten slides for twenty seconds apiece while describing their work. So, yes, you basically get 6 minutes and 40 seconds to sum up what you do. I was so tickled to get an invite from Lana McGilvray and DJ Stout who host the event-- THANKS Y'ALL! And after much (not really) deliberation about what to cover (my writing? my summer camps? my life as a controversy artist? my hilarious adventures with PTSD and anxiety?) I decided I'm going to focus on My Life as a Wedding Officiant. 

These shows fill up really fast so you are advised to arrive early. Best as I can tell, this particular PechaKucha is running in cahoots with Fusebox Festival since PK is being held in the old TOPS warehouse, which is also serving as the FB Hub. Details for PK are right here. 

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, as part of Fusebox Festival proper, my house will be a stop along the way for The Writer's Room: A Home Studio Tour. This is a totally FREE event and you can visit the homes of these working writers between 11 am and 3 pm: 

Spike Gillespie  
Rebecca Beegle  
Amparo Garcia
Bill Cotter and Annie La Ganga 
Wayne Allen Brenner
Robert Faires
Kathy Catmull

We're scheduled to give readings every hour, but I think I might turn the tables on my guests. We'll see. Oh, and if you pop by, you can have your picture taken with Rebound!

Hope to see you at some or all of these events. 

(And how do I say this politely? Hmm... well let's just say that if I have a restraining order against you and/or we slept together sometime in the past and it ended on a bad note and/or you are that asshole DJ I had a run in with last year at a wedding and/or you want to challenge me to a duel (verbal or otherwise) and or you want to Save Me in the Name of Your Lord Jesus Christ, probably this is NOT the event for you.)

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mindless mommy said...

Fantastico! I will be by for sure....thanks for posting!