Monday, April 2, 2012

Move Over Snooki and Make Room for Spike

Warren got it in his head last week that we should go to the carnival out on HWY 71. I agreed, even though nearly everything about carnivals -- the food, the rides, the fashion crimes-- makes me want to hurl just thinking about it. But there is one thing I love about carnivals-- CARNIES!

It's true. I say it without irony. My formative summers were spent at the Jersey Shore, years before Snooki was even a cruel glimmer in anyone's eyes. Long after escaping that place, I went on to write a piece, Drunken Teenage Carnie Lust, which ran in the Chronicle about 700 years ago, and which I sometimes trot out for the Dick Monologues.

Now, as I attempt to create of myself a YouTube Monster, I took the piece and put it together with images and video I shot while out with Warren last week. And did you know there are TWO carnivals in town? We did the smaller one on Friday night and the bigger one on Saturday night. And it turns out I was even able to hold down a funnel cake and sort of appreciated some of the clothing choices I spotted. I highly recommend you give the carnival a (Tilt-a-) Whirl yourself (unless they've packed up and headed on out... quite possible. You know how carnies can be. Love 'em and leave 'em.)

Herewith, my latest vid project:


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