Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My friend/boss/tech guru Julie tries to teach me some tech stuff sometimes. She really got me immersed in this whole Web 2.0 stuff. And today, she was able to show me how I had goofed up some RSS thing so that...

Well you know what? The truth is I'm still not entirely sure what she did to fix what I broke. Or even what I broke. So I can't really explain it to you now, can I? But it's all fixed now and she told me to post this note to tell y'all you can subscribe to my RSS now. So please do that. If you know how.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Never Mind Twilight, I'm Your Vampire

Okay Folks,
I am unofficially now Austin's Official Vampire connection. Just got a request for some B Negative Blood for a critically ill young lady over at Seton. If you have B neg blood and can help out with a donation, please email me ASAP at

Oh, universal donors also welcome, of course.

Fangs a lot!

Good God There's A Lot of Great Stuff this Weekend

I already mentioned the Hyde Park Theatre benefit Saturday night. And all weekend there's the EAST tour of artists' studios in the 'hood. Now, about Sunday...

First of all, the Empty Bowl Project is happening-- a bunch of great singers are singing and you pay $15, you get a locally made ceramic bowl to keep, they fill it with gourmet soup made by local chefs, then they wash and wrap the bowl for you to take home. That's from 11-3.

And THEN... The African Children's Choir is performing a very early show at The Parish-- Doors at 4, music at 5. They will be joined by Kacy Crowley, Guy Forsyth, Bob Schneider, Carolyn Wonderland, and Band of Heathens. It's $25 and all the money goes to build a school in Uganda. You can read all the details about that show here. And there's also a link in that preview that gives info on the Empty Bowl Project.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be resting and taking it easy but it's going to be hard to stay home this weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


[Ken Webster-- aka Mr. Smooth]

For going on two years now, the wonderful Hyde Park Theatre, helmed by the astounding Ken Webster, has been the gracious home to the Dick Monologues. Earlier this year new owners took over the building and, as a result, HPT has seen their rent DOUBLE which, for anyone is a drag. But for a tiny, non-profit group, well it's a downright hardship. HPT is one of those places that makes Austin Austin. We do not want to lose it. I sure hope you'll join the cast of the Dick Monologues and come out and support HPT at a fundraiser this Saturday night, November 22nd. It is going to be most excellent fun. It's a sliding scale admission charge, so even if you're on a tight budget it's doable. The price includes drinks and food. And even if you can't be there, you can still kick in a few bucks.

Here are the details:

Hyde Park Theatr just received three B. Iden Payne Awards, including Outstanding Comedy for DOG SEES GOD and Outstanding Director for DOG SEES GOD.

That's the good news.

Our rent has doubled at HPT.

That's the bad news.
But there's more good news! This Saturday, November 22 at 9:00 PM we'll be having a fundraiser at HPT. We'll have live music by Hans Frank and Glambilly, lots of delicious beverages, and lots of savory food from New World Deli and Go Go Gourmet. Tickets are a sliding scale between $10-$50.

Come on out and meet HPT company members and enjoy some great music, food, and drink. We'd love for you to come out this Saturday to help us continue to provide our award-winning programming, but if you can't make it this Saturday night you can still contribute by sending a check to HPT at 511 W. 43rd Street, Austin, TX 78751 or by using PayPal on our website at To find out more about the fundraiser, or to make reservations, call 479-PLAY.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Calling All Good Deed Doers

Not long ago, via the Office of Good Deeds, this blog, and Twitter, we were able to help find emergency blood donors for a very sick newborn. Since we did such a good job helping out, we've been asked to help another critically ill Austinite. Please see below. If you can't help personally but can help spread the word, please do. Contact info is included. Thanks, spike

> This plea comes from a friend of mine. She's trying to get the word
> out for Josh Talbot, a UT student who is critically ill and in
> desperate need for bone marrow donors. There will be a bone marrow
> registry drive at the Flawn Academic Center 12/1-12/5. Even though
> they might not find a match for Josh, there are dozens of other Joshes
> out there awaiting their matches. Additionally, there is a desperate
> shortage of minority donors on the Bone Marrow registry.
> There will also be a platelet drive here in Austin 11/29. These
> donations will go directly to Josh. I will be participating in both
> and hope you will think about it too.
> Recently published articles:
> ow_donors
> please let me know if I can provide any information.
> Sara

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Little S&M Pony

Doesn't that My Little Pony just ROCK? Over at my blogging gig we're trying to come up with the first (and best) new official game to go with the release of the new Google Voice App. It's SO fun. You tell your iPhone, via Google, what you're looking for. And then you get all sorts of answers, some dead-on, some utterly ridiculous. Like, I said, "Pornography" and the search return gave me "My Little Pony." I could do this all day.

Check out the post here and please put your ideas for a game in the comments section.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dick Monologues FREE TICKETS if you can tell me...

Okay, two free tickets to the Dick Monologues (Wed, Nov 12th, 7 pm Hyde Park Theatre), to the first person who emails and correctly tells me the last knitting project I completed. I will throw in a round of drinks if you can guess the brand of yarn I used.

For those of you who aren't into contests or are very bad guessers, you can still buy tickets for Wednesday's show. Just email me at to make reservations.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick!

We STILL have a few Dick Monologues tickets left for this upcoming Wednesday, November 12th, Hyde Park Theatre, 7 pm. I've been a little slow marketing these past ten days or so due to the surgery stuff. Please let me know if you want tickets and please help me spread the word.
email: for reservations.