Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Rebound! Mommy's Big Girl is SIX!!!

The Queen of Us All. 
Rebound contemplates long and hard before settling on a birthday wish. The debate between World Peace and Catch the Fucking Squirrel was a tough one but in the end you can imagine which won out. 
Waiting patiently for the wet food birthday "cake" to materialize.
Monarch of Our Hearts.
Throne Games.  
Waking up late, hanging out in bed looking at pictures of herself as a puppy, and listening alertly as I tell her once again-- as I do annually with Henry-- the story of her birth, replete with re-enactment involving Bubbles and Dante. 
OMG. Rebound the Puppy! 
OMG. Also Rebound the Puppy! 
Love at first belly rub. I picked Rebound up at Kinky's Rescue Ranch in Medina in 2007. Named her Rebound cause I was about to get divorced and we all need a Rebound to help us through those things. Brought her home where, for a spell, Big Red was living with me helping me feel better. Rebound immediately imprinted on him and to this day believes he is her mother. That's our Rebound. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but, goddammit, she sure is the cutest!

Happy Rebound's Birthday Y'all!!