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It's true, 
I have my fingers in a lot of pots. The root of this multi-pot life of mine? Well, there are many roots. (Isn't that always the way with roots?) For starters, I'm just pretty damn hyper with the energy thing. I was born with a lot of it, I spent a long time figuring out how to harness it, and now I am a get shit done kinda gal. Actually, I've been getting a lot of shit done for a long time now.

Looking back over the years, 
over all the experiences I've had, and all the classes I've taken, and all the jobs I worked at, well here's a funny thing... I used to joke that being President of the Student Council in high school was the single most important, life-informing gig I ever had. Guess what? I'm thinking now, thirty-ish years after the fact, there's more than a kernel of truth in that old joke. Being SCP meant being able to: market and campaign (myself and events); motivate and organize (myself and others); cheerlead (not as in the little skirt and the deep splits, but the stuff I wanted to get done); and strategize (read: figure out how to procure and smuggle booze on our trip to Six Flags). Most of the work I've taken since has relied in one way or another on skills honed back during my teenage presidential days (only now I don't bring along booze).

Student Council President isn't the only thing 
that inspired me to embrace a life of multi-tasking. Another reason I've come to know how to do so many things is that I am a writer by trade. Well, I was a writer by trade, before the Internet turned everything topsy-turvy in the publishing world. But there's some funny kind of irony going on here. Because back before all the newspapers and mags started folding, I had to do an awful lot to support my writing habit. That means I took a ton of commercial work-- i.e. writing bullshit for cash, creating marketing materials to help big businesses, etc. But even that stuff-- which I could sort of call "writing"-- couldn't always keep the bills paid. So early in my career (and later, too, come to think of it) I did everything from pet sit to bartend to sling hash to... oh, wow, as I write this I am so happy to say that at long last I seem to have forgotten some of the less savory work I did for cash back in the day.

Anyway, point is, 
that when the money for writers started drying up, I still had all those skills to fall back on. Sort of a twist on that old Neil Young line I love about how the same thing that makes you live can kill you in the end. There were times when I used to think some of the gigs I took would kill me (at least in spirit). Instead, they taught me to look in different directions for work. That is how I wound up, back in 2006, starting a business as a wedding officiant. It's also the reason I started leading writing workshops regularly. And it's why I'm hoping, in 2012, to launch a series of weekend retreats. So in the end, instead of different work than writing killing me, it's actually making living really fun in ways I'd never imagined back in the day.

Now you know why I do many different things. 
Below is a list of these things. If any of this stuff is what you've been looking for, just shoot me an email and let's talk about it.


A Wedding Officiant-- I've performed hundreds of weddings and commitment ceremonies since 2006 and I LOVE MY JOB! You can read all about my wedding services here. And you can check out my fun wedding blog here. And you can see tons of 5-Star Reviews over at My Wedding Wire page. I'd love to perform your wedding.

A Blesser of Babies-- I've performed several baby blessings. It's so wonderful to officially welcome babies into the world. Not everyone wants to go for a Christian baptism. I'm happy to put together a spiritual ceremony or a secular ceremony to celebrate your child's arrival in the world. And so you know, there's no rush-- I often am invited to officiate these ceremonies for kids that are a year or older. Here's some more information about my Baby Blessings.

A Funeral Celebrant-- As of this writing, I have not yet performed any funeral or memorial services. However, I am totally up for this honored task. Even if you don't need a funeral celebrant for the service, I am more than happy to help you put together the right words to give your loved one a memorable send-off.

A Writing Teacher-- I maintain a very slow moving writing blog: WriteWithSpike, where I conduct interviews with my writer friends (some of whom are quite famous, if that sort of thing excites you). I also post information there about my ongoing six-week writing workshops, as well as little pop-up workshops I do throughout any given year.

A Private Writing Coach-- Some folks prefer one-on-one help with writing over the group dynamic. I totally get that. I do take on a limited number of individual writing students each year. There's more information about my writing coaching here. And you can find testimonials about my services here.

A Professional Editor-- These run along the same lines as Private Writing Coach but frankly some people using Google to find editing services don't think to search for "writing coach." So this offering is basically the same as Private Writing Coach. I am happy to edit the hell out of your long or short manuscript, give you straightforward (direct but never mean-spirited) feedback, and help you get your shit together. Here's info on my rates.

General Coaching-- Maybe you're not a writer, but you do want to figure out What's Next in your life. I take on an extremely limited number of clients for general coaching, which is done primarily through email. We set boundaries from the get-go-- for example we agree to X number of consults-- and we use our time to help you figure out things like: why you're stuck; what you'd rather be doing; how to get going on doing what you'd rather be doing; general bitching and moaning (which can be quite healing). It's very important to note that this is NOT therapy. While I'm happy to refer you to a trained, professional therapist, my coaching should not be mistaken for such. I just know how to get shit done, as noted, and can help you move in that direction, too. Here's more info about general coaching for individuals. Here's information if you'd like to be part of a group coaching workshop.

A Source of Energy-- If you're laughing at this entry, read no further. In my experience there are all sorts of ways to divide the world in two. For example there's Peanut Butter and Jelly. There's High Road and Low Road. There's Ant and Grasshopper. You get the picture. Similarly there are those who know, believe, and understand the benefits of energy work and those of you (some my very closest friends, I might add) who think energy work is a crock. I'm not here to convert anybody. If you are into it and want a shot of energy, I can help you with that. As with General Coaching and One on One Writing Coaching I will see only a small number of clients. Sessions are short and by donation. Disclaimer: I cannot make your brain tumor go away, but I can make your head feel clearer. Here's more info about Energy Work.