Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the Winners Are...

I've had a request to post the Kick Ass Award winners, and so I shall. The catch is, I don't have links to all these folks, or even descriptions. So winners (and/or presenters) perhaps you can post info in the comments about the programs you do so folks can find you.

I can tell you that Casey Smith, who won for coming up with the Cooking Up English project-- teaching ESL folks English through cooking classes-- has a new series starting February 10th. You can find out more at the Cooking Up English website. Awesome program!

Thanks to all of our sponsors and to Southpaw Jones and Robin Chotzinoff for singing.


Simon Studd

Casey Smith

Priscilla Boston

Jane Walton

Dan Crow

Debbie Russell

Rene Brit

David Schulman

Celia Hughes

Lindsay Franklin

Aralyn Hughes

Elizabeth Bellanti-Walker

Palmer Neuhaus


Jody Denberg

Dave Steakley

Martin Burke

Meredith McCall

Alamo Drafthouse

Cindy Widner

Kate Messer

Sandy Silver

Courtney Moore


La Turista said...

To follow my daughter, Georgia Lee, as she kicks leukemia's ass, go to: keepingeorgiaonyourmind.blogspot.com

You can also learn lots of ways to help fight childhood cancer!

Thanks, Spike. You kick serious ass.


Beth said...

Hi All,

Besides my creative work with Tito's Vodka, songwriter/blogger RobynLudwick.com, our shop HAPPY2U in Wimberley, my marketing work with various restaurants/products, My dog lovin heart belongs to my pro-rescue-pro mixed breed dog rebranding-news website UPWITHMUTTS.COM

I sell leashes there that say "I was rescued. I have a story" for $12 and every time one is sold, I donate one to a shelter or responsible dog ownership community ed program! (Phew thats a mouthful) I also support Austin Pets Alive (NO KILL!) Emancipet, various breast cancer research/care causes, an orphan in India through Miracle Foundation, and was on the board of GENAUSTIN for many years.

lush said...

Thank you, Spike, for hosting such a moving event. We all left feeling incredibly inspired and utterly uplifted.


sbethw said...

See the write-up on why Palmer Neuhaus deserved a Kick-Ass Award!