Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Exactly a Vacation But Awesome Nonetheless

I ran away for a few days to Lake Austin Spa. If you have never been here, let me tell you-- it is SO worth the trip. Even if you don't stay overnight, you can spend a long day unwinding.

This was my birthday treat to me-- to run away to a beautiful place where every single detail is tended to, the meals are incredible, and if you want to just wear a bathrobe the entire time, that is more than okay.

I'm fortunate enough to teach out here sometimes, so I actually get to visit the property a few times each year. It is gorgeous regardless of season. Right now the lake is way down (due to purposeful human action-- Dam Humans!) which has brought in all sorts of birds, including seagulls that prefer fresh water to salty. I LOVE SEAGULLS. There is this tree with red berries that is so eye-poppingly brilliant I stood staring at it for a long time. Yesterday I took a class in breathing which sounds silly but then...
well let's just say it wasn't.
I do hope you get to visit here sometime. I have been so happy, holed up in a warm room, away from the chill, toiling away at writing I really wanted to work on after several weeks of hustling to knock out some work stuff that kept me from what I most hoped to focus on.

So thank you, Lake Austin Spa, for existing, and for existing so very close to home. People, remember: it really is not a dress rehearsal. If you have to take a class in breathing to remember this, by all means go for it.

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