Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Boy On Tour!

A couple of weeks ago Henry called with the awesome news that he'd been hired as a drummer in the band Air Waves, which is fronted by the amazing Nicole Schneit. Nicole is a kick ass songwriter and she has a gorgeous groovy voice. Her previous drummer was working for a number of other bands and so when there came an opening, Hen auditioned and got the gig to tour with the band to support their new CD Dungeon Dots which is getting great reviews in Indie Rock Land.

Their tour-- West Coast, East Coast and Canada-- started last week in Austin, at Emo's. Good lord I hadn't been in Emo's in a very long time. I actually remember when it opened-- hell I remember before it opened, when I waited on Dave the manager about a week before SXSW 1992, and he told me he was "opening a club in time for SXSW" and I thought, "Yeah, and the monkeys are gonna fly out of my ass and bring your pancakes to you." But Dave wasn't shitting and he did it, and the rest as we know, is history. Holy crap have I been drunk in that bar. No more, of course. So it was interesting to be the sober old lady at the show last week, hoping Air Waves would wrap their set by midnight because, you know, I need my beauty sleep.

We had such a good time. Hen's first instrument is guitar, but he's a great drummer, too. I worked hard not to be a stage mom, I did not throw any article of clothing on the stage, nor did I press up against the stage. I did help lug equipment inside, which maybe was a little dorky but wow oh wow-- live music has been such a part of my life for so long. And I've been taking Henry to shows since he was in utero-- I remember being 8.5 months pregnant at a Poi Dog Pondering show in St. Louis and dancing my ass off. I thought the bouncers were going to have a collective heart attack. We've gone together to see Jonathan Richman at Liberty Lunch (and lots of other places), Steve Forbert at the Cactus, Modest Mouse at ACL Studios, Don Walser (many many times) at Jovita's, The Polyphonic Spree at ACL Fest and Stubb's (where he once sang onstage with them), and the list goes on and on and on.

I have so loved watching Henry grow into himself as a musician. Back in the day I used to organize Teen Rock events at Stubb's, Emo's, and any other venue that would have us. He was in the band Max & Henry for ages and they even released a CD. He sometimes plays in Horses with Horns and Best Fwends. But right now, the focus is 100% Air Waves. I'm posting the tour schedule below. If you have friends in any of these places, please do tell them to get their asses out and check out the band. And if you can't see them live, please buy a CD or Vinyl LP. Thanks.


January 26
Hi Dive
Denver, Colorado
January 27
Urban Lounge w/ Tennis
Salt Lake City, Utah
January 28
Neurolux Lounge w/ Tennis
Boise, ID
January 29
Mississippi Studios w/ Tennis
Portland, Oregon
January 31
Media Club w/Tennis
Vancouver, BC, CAN
February 1
The Crocodile w/ Lord Huron & Tennis
Seattle, WA
February 3
Bottom of the Hill w/ Lord Huron & Tennis
San Francisco, California
February 4
The Echo w/ Lord Huron & Tennis
Los Angeles, CA
February 7
Club Congress w/ Tennis
Tucson, AZ
February 8
Rhythm Room w/ Tennis
Phoenix, AZ
February 10
University of New Mexico
February 13
Houston, Texas
February 16
Farm 255
Athens, GA
February 18
House Show  @ 2702 Lawndale Ave.
Durham, NC
February 20
Bruar Falls
Brooklyn, NY
February 22
Glasslands w/ Amy Klein (Titus Andronicus)
Brooklyn, NY

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Judith van Praag said...

OMG they're gonna be in The Crocodile in Seattle Feb1. Will Tweet for sure, perhaps even go -bit aged for that venue, but hey. Loved reading this post Spike! Well remember that little red haired tike and now he's on tour as the drummer of the band. Sounds like a line from some lyrics LOL Fantastic!