Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Begin Anew! The Fall Garden is In! Amen!

As you can see, Rebound is VERY HAPPY. Me, too. Because AT LONG LAST we have our YardFarm Garden back up and running. See, this summer, between the drought and the effing squirrels, the garden (literally) bit the dust. I wanted to be pissed at the squirrels but I took pity since this whole apocalyptic global warming crap is making it so hard for them. Thus they turned my garden into an all-you-can-eat daily buffet, and they chewed through the irrigation hose to help themselves to much needed water and I didn't even bother to shoot them and eat them for dinner. (That really wasn't so hard since I don't eat mammals.) 

I should also take a minute to give a shout out to the clever front yard squirrel that said to hell with all that and set up shop over by the cat bowl, eating delicious processed cat food and sipping from a ceramic dish as she grew to the size of a furry zeppelin. Witness Exhibit A:

See that thing that looks like a massive tumor on the tree to the right? That is actually a squirrel. 
Anyway, following the advice of my beloved Thich Nhat Hanh, who is forever reminding us to Begin Anew, I got out there this weekend and put some plants in the ground. Some of you know that YardFarm built me three raised beds earlier this year (I should note we bartered-- I do some writing work for them). They also do maintenance. In this case, I just asked them to drop off the plants and the compost, since I like getting my own hands dirty. I spent an hour or so playing with the plants, Rebound, and the gnomes, and Warren got some new batteries in the hose timer. We are BACK IN BACKYARD FOOD BUSINESS over here. Yay! Thank you YardFarm!!

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