Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Dick Monologues Presents: You're What's Wrong with the Holidays!

UPDATE: Y'all-- I posted this info the other day. There is a link to my email that works for some folks but not others. If the link doesn't work for you, you can cut and paste my email address: -- that's where to send a note if you want to reserve seats. Thanks. sg

Hey Y'all,
Well we had such a goldang good time with our last You're What's Wrong with America show, and we had such a long waiting list for tickets that, that's right, WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN! This time the show will also be a benefit for Hyde Park Theatre. We'll have lots of new readings dealing with our latest topic: You're What's Wrong with the Holidays! (And those of you who love the holidays-- despair not. Apparently a couple of our cast members share your bizarre sentiments and will address the reasons why in their pieces.)

Tickets sold out super fast last time. Don't wait to reserve your seats. The way you do that is by sending me an email. Here are details for the show:

WHO: The Dick Monologues
WHAT: You're What's Wrong with the Holidays!
WHERE: Hyde Park Theatre
WHAT TIME? 7 pm (arrive at 6:45)
WHAT FOR: A) the hell of it  B) HPT fundraiser C) All of the above!!
HOW MUCH? $10 or more if you want!
WHAT ELSE? We'll have lots of delicious cold beverages (hard and soft) available for your donations.

Hurry up! Reserve your seat! And please pass this on!


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