Saturday, October 8, 2011

Introducing My New Mascot

Warren and I spent the past week reacquainting ourselves with the concepts of "rain" and "cold" up in Maine. I also fielded emails and phone calls accusing me of killing Steve Jobs with my last post-- a welcome reminder of how powerfully I am perceived to be. And, too, I got a hell of a lot of knitting done. So overall it was a most excellent week.

Best of all, though? I acquired a new friend and mascot. His name is Yeah! The Affirmative Moose! You may call him Yeah! for short. He watched over us as we drove our rental car through perilous and gorgeous moose and bear territory up by Canada. And now he has a new permanent home on the dash of the Cube so that anytime I need to be validated-- e.g. "So, Yeah!? Regarding this current argument with Warren I'm having, you agree with me, right?" -- Yeah! will nod his head in enthusiastic agreement.

What a great new addition. Dashboard therapy at the ready. Thank you Yeah!

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