Sunday, October 30, 2011

Muellerween! Brought to You By My Favorite London Cabbie Ghoul!

Y'all, down below is a video by my friend Garreth Wilcock. Garreth is one of funniest, bestest, talentedest people I know. AND he's a ginger AND he has a nice English accent. In honor of October 31st, he is taking a strategic view at how to score the most and best Halloween candy in the Mueller neighborhood, where he happens to live and where he happens to sell houses via Sherlock Homes Austin.

Even if I hadn't lent a minor assist in the making of this video, I'm sure it would've turned out great. But just so you know, added bonus, I DID HELP! And not only that, when you watch it, you can help the Austin Children's Shelter, which is also in Mueller. Garreth will donate 25c for every person who watches the video between now and 11/1/11, and he'll donate up to $2500. That's an awfully lovely treat for the Austin Children's Shelter kids, don't you think?

So please, check out the video and HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD! Here's a direct link to the Muellerween video at YouTube

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