Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big News: Spike Gillespie (that's ME) and KUT Welcome You (that's YOU) to WHIM CITY!

The Eiffel Tower of Austin
I think at least four out of the six of you know that I sometimes do commentary for KUT, mostly in the form of Sonic IDs during which I talk about things like performing CPR on beagles or baking a constant stream of cheesecakes in December to fend off holiday-related suicidal depression (you know, keep the oven full so there's no room for your head). During the last on-air fund drive, they even invited me (with some thinly veiled pleas to leave my potty mouth at home) to participate by sitting in on Matt Reilly's show.

Well you know, give her an inch... I so love being on the radio (and listening to the radio) that I started pestering the folks at KUT to let me do more, more, MORE! This was, I suppose, partly ego driven. But I swear it was also related to my adoration of that station. A brainstorming session was called with Rebecca McInroy and Hawk Mendenhall-- those folks responsible for the Give Us Your Car Or Else spots-- and a plan was made. It took us longer than expected to execute that plan, but at long last, TA-DA!! Welcome to Whim City. The goal is to make this an ongoing series where I get to tell you-- in words, sounds, and pictures both moving and still-- all about why I LOVE AUSTIN, TEXAS. Added bonus: Mike Lee, aka Mr. Sonic ID, has added his super animation powers.

Here's a video of the first episode-- my trip to the top of the old Air Traffic Control Tower. You can read my accompanying mini-essay right here.

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clearspace said...

Spike that was SO interesting! I had not even noticed that tower was still there but it IS a piece of history just as much as the fire tower on first near Congress. Thank you for your reverence for this unique structure.