Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lay Ladies, Lay... Lay Your Little Eggs Upon My Hay

Well at long last THE LAY-deez are here. After the Deadly Chicken Fiasco of 2007, I sure waited a long time to get a new flock. But I wanted to do it right, get a real chicken coop, put in lots of fencing, that sort of thing. Since I also have a badass YardFarm Garden now, I didn't just need to keep the dogs and chickens separated, I needed to keep the chickens and the kale separated. Pretty complicated living the simple life sometimes.

Anyway, I got the most MAGNIFICENT COOP of all time from Mobile Chicken Coops. And Warren and I got out there and did some fencing (sans the white outfits and pointy swords-- yuck yuck). Then Alan, who is way better at these things, came over and made it even better. (I told him about that excellent slogan I heard for a handyman in NY: "We repair what your husband fixed!")

So now, still not off the grid (ha) but another step closer! Today I ate a fresh-from-the-ass three-egg omelet. Those eggs never saw the inside of a fridge. I stuffed it with fresh spinach from the garden. Oh boy! I can't wait to get some solar panels for power and pygora goats so I can start producing my own fiber, too and knitting me up some nice mohair pantalones. Mwahahaha City of Austin utilities and Target-- one day I'll be all through with you!

Meanwhile, while we're waiting for those things to happen, enjoy some pictures of the great new changes over here. Chickens!! Bawk Bawk! I am SOOO Eggcited!

We got our chickens from my friend Dorsey at Hausbar Farms. She said to bring a big box.

This is one of Dorsey's donkeys.

Dorsey has little bunnies, too!

Dorsey and me and the little bunny.

Dorsey wrangles my chickens.

I release the chickens into their new yard at my place.
Organic rosemary and tomato starters-- going in soon!

Go ahead, be jealous. I eat out of the garden every day. 
My rocking coop has a cool back hatch (haha, a hatch!) so I can have easy egg access.

Better than art! 
Hay, hay, hay!
This is a pre-omelet.
My lemon tree is super pregnant-- thank you global warming!

Seriously-- you cannot get eggs like this at the store. 

Omelet in progress.

Yes. It was awesome.
No, he isn't mine. But we met him at Callahan's when we went to buy hay.  Snout, snout, let it all out.

Frankly, my old Scion ran better and held a shit ton more stuff but the Cube was able to handle a couple of bales.

Warren is a hard worker!

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ennea999 said...

for a second i thought he was peeing on the hay in that last photo...i'm happy that i was mistaken.