Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

So I think at least half of the six of you know that I do a video blog for KUT. It's called Whim City and the amazing Southpaw Jones wrote the all time best ever in the universe theme song for it. (Thanks, Southpaw!) The KUT folks do such a good job with this, with a special shout out to Mike Lee for the animation.

Meanwhile, inspired by my KUT comrades and egged on by my buddies Melissa and Damon in New York, I am at long last playing with doing some more video blogging. Let's think of these as sloppy interludes that keep us busy and hopefully entertained in between the Whim City episodes, which only happen once every few months. (You can click here to see the first Whim City, about the old air traffic control tower, and you can click here to see the second installment, about the Moustache Ride.)

And so I present to you below: Whim City #3: Hausbar Farms, the trailer for Tam Deli Makes Me Hot, and the actual Tam Deli Makes Me Hot (The Director's Cut). Thanks to Warren for help with the latter two.

Enjoy, my people. Enjoy.

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