Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update: I STILL Need Your Help! Vote for Your Favorite Prop for My New Show: I WAS RAPED BY MIKE DAISEY!

This week, as some of you know, I've spent a lot of time (some would say entirely too much time) considering the whole Mike Daisey thing. I decided a show was in order, and I even came up with a title: I WAS RAPED BY MIKE DAISEY! Well, folks, the response has been overwhelming! The show is sold out well into 2013. But I have a problem. The truth is (and by truth, I mean the actual truth, as opposed to the pretend truth) that I have yet to write the show. 


As I mentioned yesterday, I feel like, before I can proceed with the writing, I really need to get my props squared away. In particular, I need to select just the right drinking vessel to set on my desk. As we know, even the most stripped down sets convey a certain message, a sort of je na sais quoi if you will. Proper props might seem irrelevant at first glance, but trust me, a seasoned monologist, they can pack a tremendous subconscious punch in your audience. The wrong glass could find them storming out of a performance, the way a bunch of folks stormed out of a Mike Daisey show. (I know, I know-- you're thinking, But Spike, those were right wing Christian nutjobs who walked out because of the whole "I fucked Paris Hilton" thing. Ah, but that's where you're wrong, people-- believe me, it was a subconscious revulsion to Daisey's overly simplistic glass that drove them away.)

The right glass, on the other hand, tells your audience something important. It relays a sense of who you are-- are you everyday folk just like them? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you slightly above them? Way above them? 

Now are you getting the picture? It is COMPLICATED.

This morning, I've been playing around with options. Below you'll find seven photos featuring an array of vessels. I ask you to please tear yourself away from using your iPhone to sign online petitions against FoxConn long enough to voice your opinion. Because your vote counts, people. And I cannot proceed to the all important writing of I WAS RAPED BY MIKE DAISEY unless and until I hear from you. Thanks in advance for your assistance on this pressing matter. 

Backstory: this is a handmade coffee mug I got at a local craft fair. I think if I go with this option it could convey to my audience that I support local, Made in America products. On the other hand, it might make me look like a dirty fucking hippie. Your thoughts? 
This stainless water bottle was, in fact, Made in China. However, the label insists that it was made ethically in China. So maybe if I go with this option, it will subtly scream: "I, Spike Gillespie, in purchasing this item, singlehandedly sent a loud message to the bastard Chinese government that I will only purchase ethically produced Chinese products, or at least products which, if not actually ethically made, come with a label to dupe me into thinking so, thus assuaging any momentary guilt I feel as I whip out my credit card." The potential drawback to this one? Well, if I use it, it could give the impression that I'm a yoga loser, or, worse, a LuLuLemon supporter. And we all know how I feel about LuLuLemon 
Note that this mug features a handle that looks like a lady's fishnetted leg! Also, note the serious look on my face. I'm going for the Study in Contrasts effect here, my facial expression saying, "Damn right I am a humorless feminist!" while the mug itself hints that I have a playful sense of humor about the objectification of women. What do you think? I worry that, consider the topic of the show-- I WAS RAPED BY MIKE DAISEY!-- it might get the audience thinking about how, if you dress a certain slutty way, you're just asking for it. 
I didn't save the label on this one, but I'm guessing it, too, was Made in China. On the other hand, it is a REUSABLE "disposable" cup. So there's the potential to give off a sense of irony. And, too, it could suggest that I Heart The Environment, because unlike other people who use throwaway cups, I know that this cup, when it eventually winds up in a landfill, might well be repurposed by the trolls living and scavenging at the dump.
Gilt-rimmed goblet! As noted yesterday, I'm pretty sure this would suggest that I'm part of the 1%, which would probably be off-putting to 99% of my audience. So I'm not going to use this one. But I wanted to show it to you. Isn't it so pretty? Too bad it reminds me of my last marriage-- it was a wedding gift-- and if you think Mike Daisey is a flaming narcissist, well, damn, you should meet my last ex-husband! 
A handleless teacup from Japan. It's pretty and delicate, just like me! And I think it says, "You know, there are LOTS of other places in Asia we can get stuff from."
And then there's this one-- my Ira Glass. What do you think? Too blatant? 


austinexperts said...

I vote for the Ira Glass. Keep it simple, right?

mhspecht said...

I vote for the fishnet mug. I'm pretty sure, after seeing your show, nobody is going to think YOU think that dressing slutty means a woman is asking for it. It just means she's asking to get her leg reproduced for a mug handle.

dorothy said...

Ira Glass or Seymore Glass or Franny Glass or Zoey Glass or Buddy Glass

Flora said...

If you wouldn't mind doing it, I say use the gold rimmed one to represent all that glitters is not gold (which is Daisy) and then smash it during your performance to puntuate your point of choice. Or to represent smashing Daisy... my personal preference.
(I figured, given the history of the vessel, you wouldn't mind giving it a toss.)
Give 'em hell honey.

Unknown said...

Ira Glass it is...!